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A topic fueled by passionate views, here’s your chance to have your say about your local municipality

Call to participate in SA-csi survey for Municipalities

There is never a dull moment in the South African political arena, especially with our general election on the horizon for the 8th of May, but are we as citizens getting the delivery we should?

It’s time to have your say about your satisfaction with your local municipality, all South Africans are welcome to participate in this SA-csi national measure by accessing the following survey:


It should take you approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Now, in its sixth year of measurement, SA-csi for Municipalities provides a barometer of citizen sentiment and trust in the service delivery of their metro municipalities. The science of the study is solid, and we are proud of that. The report allows companies, governments and municipalities to benchmark against other competitors – both locally and internationally.

Your input will help the Consulta team find out how your municipality stacks up against the rest.

Don't hesitate, play your part in making South Africa a better place for you and all those who live in it.