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Advanced Analytics Solutions

Business challenges

  • Did you ever wonder what it would be like to implement the powerful models of the financial and credit world in your environment?
  • What about all those 'nice to haves' that you wanted to do on the vast amounts of data you have but don't have the resources to do it?
  • What about all the times you said to yourself: "I wished I knew how/what/when/why/where…"?
  • Analytics can bring your research (current and historic) to life!

What can we offer?

The solutions we provide can be combined to solve most of your business questions:

  • Perform predictive analytics on customer experience data.
  • Integrating behavioral CRM data with client perception feedback data.
  • Add statistical validity to implementation strategies.
  • Robust statistical models for other sources of data.
  • New model development (for example, index creation).
  • Broaden your company’s understanding of your own data.
  • Ensure our customers become leaders in analytics.
  • Complete an Analytics audit to assess your analytical maturity.
  • Advanced sampling methods for intervention (or impact) testing.