Asking The Right Questions and Changing Mindsets

This paper will attempt to demonstrate that by aligning researchers’ passion with what they do, will start a rippling effect of change in research companies. The valuable insight that researchers are trained to generate become core to solving problems much bigger than one project or a specific client. The benefits of doing such meaningful work will directly result in higher levels of engagement. As a result, researchers can better manage energy, manage stress, use their downtime as productive time and ultimately their purpose will fuel their performance. We believe that by recruiting and developing the correct people we can start creating researchers who serve as change agents. We will have researchers who empathise with the plight of others, who are concerned about a collective better way of doing things, who create an environment of excellence by working to realise a greater purpose, solving a plaguing problem. As a result, this will feed into higher levels of resilience, adaptability, optimism, vision and creativity on an individual level, but it will also ensure the sustainability of the research industry in that it becomes a true change agent not only for the direct client but also in society as a whole.

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