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Benchmarking Customer Satisfaction helped ABSA to transform its ATM channel

Little frustrates banking clients more than ATMs being offline, not working or simply not having sufficient cash. That’s why, when ABSA needed to upgrade its ATM network. It chose SAcsi as its customer satisfaction benchmarking tool throughout the process.

ABSA, rated the top channel in 2014’s SAcsi Report, wanted to ensure that the upgrade would not negatively affect its customer’s experience and satisfaction. It appreciated that change can often impact customer confidence and wanted to minimise any possibility of the trust they had so diligently built in their customer base over the years, being eroded by the transition.

ABSA specifically rolled out new ATMs in high traffic locations such as branches and malls. By benchmarking ABSA ATMs customer satisfaction on SAcsi, ABSA was able to understand and measure customer experience and trust factors throughout the process and respond with appropriate actions to ensure continued customer satisfaction.

Although expected to have some effect on customer satisfaction during the transition and rollout process, ABSA managed its SAcsi rating and within a year of completing the transition was recording the highest satisfaction scores it had seen on the ATM channel.

Even when faced with challenges during the rollout, ABSA was able to respond and take remedial action using root cause analysis to focus resources on reducing complaints across silos in the business, resulting in increased ATM availability, cash availability and reduced system challenges.

The latest SAcsi satisfaction scores for ABSA ATM channel are the highest achieved since ABSA started benchmarking with SAcsi. ABSA’s customer complaint handling score increased by 13 points with significant increases in both customer loyalty and NPS scores.



During a period of transition ABSA grew its satisfaction scores


Benchmarking with SAcsi gave a clear understanding of where problems lay


Throughout the rollout process, ABSA enjoyed the support of a dedicated Consulta Project Team to provide deep dive insights and manage responses to challenges


No waiting for the next report, ABSA was able to access the information it needed, to address challenges, as soon as it was available