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Engagement Solutions

Business challenges

  • You need to evaluate your existing Customer Experience landscape and strategy.

What can we offer?

Engagement Solutions applies the universally accepted principles of strategy formulation in the context of customer experience and customer centricity:

Determine where you are

  • Formulate where you want to be
  • Identify and implement the steps to get you from where you are to where you want to be

Determine where you are

  • Customer Experience Maturity Assessment - Your level of maturity will dictate the right development path and instrument for your organisation.
  • Customer Experience Landscape Surveyor – Get a view of how the principles of customer experience are visible (or not) in your organisation.
  • Direction Shaper – Identifies (or helps define) the way your organisation wants to engage customers in the future. It explores a number of Dimensions with senior staff individually and then collectively in a workshop setting.
  • Assessor Benchmarkers – Is used to understand and quantify an organisation’s current capability to engage customers (or consumers), profitably. It provides a view on how your organisation measures up against internal best practice in customer centricity.

TISSE – (The international standard for service excellence) provides a view on the degree to which your organisation meet international minimum standards in customer service excellence.

Formulate where you want to be

  • Exceptional Customer Experience is only achieved if the client is at the core of the business strategy. Engagement Solutions facilitates this process through the development of:

A custom made Customer Experience Management Strategy.

  • A detailed implementation plan designed around the organisation’s desired state for customer centricity.


  • No strategy is ever effective if not implemented. Engagement Solutions masters the art of action with its practical approach to the implementation of the CEM Strategy. We advise clients with regards to WHAT to do, WHEN and HOW through the:

Accredited training course - Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Customer Experience Practitioner (CEP) Courses accredited by the University of Pretoria.
Journey Builder – utilising best practice in customer journey mapping and world class tools (such as Mapovate) to created exceptional customer experience at every touch point.

CVP Enhancer – Ensuring your organisation’s customer value proposition (CVP) is attracting and retaining the right customers.