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“Great Customer Experience demands more than a project” - Prof Adre Schreuder

  • Customer Experience has become a trendy phrase and the next new thing, but it is essential to understand the deeper requirements to create a great customer experience.
  • Consulta is passionate about the need for a full-fledged customer-centric philosophy to guide an ongoing focus on the customer.
  • Customer-centricity is based on the depth of relationship and trust.


Consulta is able to do more than advise of great CX, we make it happen.

The key to great CX is understanding your customer, and Consulta has the world-leading tools and solutions to help you do so.

Hands-on project management to align all aspects of your business behind the goal of creating outstanding customer experiences.

Consulta’s methods create great customer experiences which in turn provide great customer satisfaction.

“We need always to keep central in our minds that organisations exist because of and for their customers.” - Prof Adré Schreuder, CEO, Consulta.

Let there be no doubt, customer experience (CX) and customer-centricity is CENTRAL to Consulta’s offering but rather than jumping onto today’s popular bandwagon, we prefer to remain an expert advisor and trusted partner in bettering your organisation’s customer experience.

Over the last few years ‘customer experience’ has become the popular term to describe the broad range of actions and perceptions which customers hold of an organisation, product or service. Consulta was using the term “customer experience” long before the term became popular, and in fact, has shied away from the popular semantics behind the term. Too many companies see CX as a “project” or a “a campaign” rather than a real ongoing focus for their whole organisation. Many companies have derived benefits from “doing” just a small CX project, but Consulta believes that real success requires a company to have a fully-fledged customer-centric philosophy.

“Great customer experience is all about turning your customers into your greatest fans – fans despite your weaknesses and failings.” Prof Adre compared the dynamics in creating a strong customer experience to the dynamics found in a close personal relationship. “I am a great fan of my wife, and she is a fan of mine, and my weak points are not always negatives in our relationship, but can provide new and interesting options and alternative ways of how we relate to one another… It is the same with companies. Great fans often have a deep sense of forgiveness and tolerance towards a brand, overlooking some of its weaknesses in their customer experience which they would not overlook in other brands or organisations.”

Great customer experience is not formulaic or one-size-fits-all. “I once bought a vehicle from a major South African luxury car dealership. My experience of the vehicle and dealings with the brand was average at best, but each year, the salesperson who sold me the vehicle, even though he no longer sells vehicles directly, calls me on my birthday. His dedication to great customer relationships has become more than just providing a formulaic customer experience… it has become human.”

Great customer experience is about the different codes and symbols which hold meaning in our relationships. It’s about the beauty that we find in the unsaid, the depth we find in our relationships. It is about the truth and depth of emotion which makes our relationships with our customers truly human. You will never have the same experience from two people, thus it cannot be formulaic, but it should be genuine and filled with relational warmth.

“These are the aspects which create real trust - and trust is what CX is all about”



Creating great customer experiences leads to better results – it’s a proven principle.


Using the Consulta portfolio of tools will provide deep insight into how to better your CX.


Throughout the process, you will have the support of a dedicated Consulta Project Team to provide deep dive insights and manage responses to challenges.


With its adaptable approach, Consulta ensures you get the insights you need to make the best business decisions in the fastest possible time.