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How Journey Mapping helped FNB to delight customers

  • Most banking stakeholders can identify the key moments in opening an account, but seeing these from the customer’s point of view is not always easy.
  • Consulta’s Journey Mapping solution helped FNB to understand the customers’ motivation and behaviour when opening an account.
  • Consulta’s layered approach to journey mapping helped FNB align its people, processes and organisational culture to surpass customer expectations and make opening a Gold Cheque Account an exceptional experience which enhances loyalty.
  • Although most people talk about Journey Mapping we prefer to use the term Customer Experience Actualisation (i.e. bringing a great customer experience to life).


Consulta’s ability to reveal the journey from the customer’s point of view, led to transformation across the organisation.

Consulta was able to unpack deep customer motivations, allowing FNB to adapt to the real needs of the customer.

Hands-on project management guided FNB to create a truly exceptional customer experience.

Consulta demonstrated that high Customer Satisfaction Scores are a function of people, processes and organisational culture in FNB.

Opening a Gold Cheque account is a milestone moment for many FNB customers in this key target segment. This is not just a bank account, it is an achievement, a status symbol, a moment of arrival and a rite of passage. So, when FNB asked Consulta to design a customer journey map for its customers as they underwent the application process for the Gold Cheque Account, we totally appreciated that the journey must be understood from the customer’s point of view, factoring in the emotions, motivations and questions behind each touchpoint across the full journey. This was the only way FNB could meaningfully improve the customer’s experience and FNB’s business performance.

Using world-class Journey Mapping tools across multiple stakeholders in the customer onboarding process, Consulta’s extensive experience created a multi-layered understanding of all relevant variables including what the customer feels, thinks and values at each moment in the journey behind the functional activities.

Delivering a seamless, integrated, insightful customer experience required that FNB should:

  • Share real insights and information across the organisation to anticipate and personalise service.
  • Align people, processes and organisational culture to achieve a truly great customer experience.
  • Consider bank policies and regulations to ensure good governance at all times.
  • Empower teams to work across functional boundaries to delight the customer.

The result – a transformed customer journey with delighted customers resulting in increased loyalty scores.

“The journey of onboarding a Gold Cheque Account customer has just been that much more effective since we completed this exercise” said Kabelo Motlhala. “We are better able to predict the desired outcomes, and have a distinct competitive advantage making it more likely that our customers will come back and use more of our products.”



FNB transformed its performance by seeing the journey through the eyes of the customer.


Benchmarking with SAcsi gave clear actionable understanding of where journey needed to be adapted.


Throughout the Customer Journey process, FNB had the support of a dedicated Consulta Project Team to provide expertise, insight and plans for actionable change.


Ongoing evaluation across the full Customer Journey meant FNB could respond to challenges and perceptions in almost real time.

Some Key Benefits of dealing with Consulta:

Challenging Conventional Wisdom

We deploy leading edge tools and models to get to the heart of the root cause insights you need.
Scientific Objectivity made Relevant

You get not just information about your business and customers but real guidance on how to take those next important steps.
Effective Project Management

End-to-end support every step of the way making sure that the things you need to change actually happen.
Actionable Organisational Transformation

Sometimes insight is not enough. Consulta makes the process of transitioning your business real.