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Insight – the key!

Organisational transformation starts with insight – insight into what your customers think, insight into what is working, what is not and what is never going to work; insight into what has to change and what customers need more of. Consulta is focussed on bringing about real transformation in your organisation and has the tools and solutions to get past the data, to arrive at real, actionable insights.

“Consulta is so much more than a fieldwork company. We help to create and manage actionable plans for transformation.” - Prof Adré Schreuder, CVO, Consulta.

Some of our insights tools include:

  • Advanced Analytics:

We broaden your company's understanding of your own data through robust statistical models which enhance the insights already gained about your customers… unearthing deeply hidden treasures.

  • Community:

We establish, develop and maintain brand communities gaining insights through best-in-class models, ensuring engaged employees and helping to turn customers into confidants.

  • Data:

Our Data Solution has 90 call-centre agents and over 200 fieldworkers who conduct face-to-face interviews countrywide, as well as an African fieldwork force that conducts surveys in 12 African countries in their native languages.

  • Mystery Shopping:

Traditional mystery shopping research has its problems. Consulta has a better way, allowing you to truly understand what your customers are experiencing.

  • SAcsi:

Aligned with the American Customer Satisfaction Index, SAcsi is an independent national benchmark of customer satisfaction with the quality of products and services available to consumers in South Africa.

  • Technology Solutions:

Being able to effectively measure customer satisfaction requires that we harness technology to be able to serve your needs in understanding your customer’s experience from beginning to end.

“Our goal is to make our clients better tomorrow than they are today through a proper understanding of the current situation and what the driving factors are that will transform their businesses. We serve them with quality of insights.” - Stephan du Plessis

Consulta’s expert team comprises researchers, psychologists, marketers and statisticians. Their aim, via custom designed marketing research solutions, methodologies, analytics and proprietary tools, is to unearth relevant, actionable insights that will enable you to transform your business.