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Business challenges

  • How to better engage with your customers and personalise the experience they have with you.
  • Understanding various segments in the market and how you can develop products and services aligned with the expectations of various customer segments.
  • Are your products competitive in the market and what are the product attributes that customers value the most?

What can we offer?

Customer Insights

  • Truly listening to the voice of your customers will enable you to create customer centric experiences with outstanding products, service and customer relationships.

We use the following methods to gain the necessary insights:

  • Customer satisfaction measurements
  • Customer experience management and modelling
  • Voice of the Customer feedback (VoC)
  • Customer experience benchmarking and competitive evaluation
  • Customer onboarding and retention research
  • Loyalty, loyalty programmes and rewards
  • Consumer and public opinion surveys
  • Mystery shopper and audit
  • Organisational Insights
  • Organisational insights will tell you how your organisation functions and what external stakeholders and internal staff think about you and your company. These insights will allow you to streamline processes, improve staff morale and delight shareholders.

This is how we do it:

  • Internal employee satisfaction audit
  • External stakeholder opinion and reputation audit
  • ICAM (Internal Customer Agreement Measure)
  • CEMJM (Customer Experience Maturity Journey Measure)
  • GAPS Analysis
  • Training impact assessment
  • External and internal communications assessment
  • Sales measurements (sales reps, sales staff, telesales, brokers, etc.)
  • Organisational customer centricity (culture, morale and gaps)
  • Product and Feasibility Insights
  • Will help you to discover whether your products are designed optimally and if people will buy them. Feasibility research will quantify the success potential of any product, service or new business venture and indicate where you need to make adjustments for guaranteed success.

For us to achieve the above, we do the following:

  • New product development
  • Feasibility and Market Potential
  • Conjoint trade-off analysis
  • Price sensitivity and pricing
  • Behavioural and decision-making research
  • Product packaging
  • Product taste testing
  • Refining, differentiating and launching your product
  • Branding and Marketing Insights

This solution will help you to discover how strong and valuable your brand is, how you compare with competitors, what makes you unique and what you can do to improve your positioning. We achieve this by doing the following:

  • Brand fitness and equity studies
  • Competitive brand research
  • Market segmentation
  • Brand positioning research
  • Brand alignment with intrinsic values
  • Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI)
  • Advertising effectiveness