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Know your Customer Maturity

Customer-focused organisations gain competitive advantage over the long term by remaining agile and giving customers what they need. In return, customers remain loyal, actively use products and services, and provide referrals.

A customer-centric approach provides value for customers by responding to their wants and needs through tailored experiences and products. Product use empowers customers and gives them control over their financial lives.

Customer Centric Maturity Model

Our Customer Centric Maturity Model is a self-assessment tool used to understand how mature an organisation is, and the extent to which it prioritises its customers as a key focus area.

The assessment is aligned to five key pillars:

• Leadership and culture
• Focusing operations
• People, tools and insights
• Customer experience
• Value

Results of the assessment are translated into six different maturity levels, pinpointing the level at which employees are centred within daily operations. This provides a practical roadmap that can be applied into a company or its various departments.

The six development stages to work towards are:

  1. Unconvinced, but interested – where there’s some interest, but understanding of customer centricity is limited
  2. Getting involved and buy-in – customer centricity is seen as important and some buy-in
  3. Formalised and converted – customer centricity is very important and programmes exists
  4. Dedicated and reinventing – customer centricity is critical and management is actively involved
  5. Entrenched and empowered – customer centricity is part of the core strategy and integrated across the company
  6. Engaged and sustained – customer centricity is part of the company’s DNA

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