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Launch a new product with confidence

“SA companies do not seem to do this by design, they rely on “lucky” approaches primarily … a populous approach, getting advice from the web, unintegrated approaches that are not really sustainable.” - Prof Adré Schreuder, CVO, Consulta.

Consulta takes the guesswork out of launching a new product, challenging conventional wisdom, giving real insight into the needs and preferences of the market and providing support to action the changes needed to make your new product as successful as it can be.

Some of our Resources and Tools for you to consider:

  • Price Sensitivity:

What is the best price for my product? Am I losing out because of pricing which undervalues the product? Or will it be more profitable to make my product more affordable?

  • Brand Fitness:

Consulta’s highly rated Brand Fitness model helps you understand whether your customers relate well to your brand or not, determining whether customers share your brand values, and advising on how to align your organisation with their values.

  • Conjoint:

A statistical analysis to determine the most important product attributes to your customers, the alignment of your current value proposition to their requirements and understanding of what they really prefer, across complex segments.

  • ROMI:

If you’re tired of spending money on marketing which never seems to go anywhere, then Consulta’s Return on Marketing Investment measure (ROMI) can give you a clear picture on the real return on investment of my marketing spend, including the impact of Customer Lifetime Investment.

  • Community:

We establish, develop and maintain brand communities and gain insights through best-in-class models ensuring engaged employees and helping to turn customers into confidants.

  • Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM):

EFM helps your organisation get a clear picture of what customers are truly saying across multiple media channels – web, phones, email, SMS and mobile. And gets the right information to the right people in the organisation.



We deploy leading edge tools and models to get to the heart of the root cause insights you need.


You get not just information about your business and customers but real guidance on how to take those next important steps.


End-to-end support every step of the way making sure that the things you need to change actually happen.


Sometimes insight is not enough. Consulta makes the process of transitioning your business real.