/ Journey Mapping

Part 1: An Introduction To Journey Mapping

A journey map can be described as a detailed map of all the moments that customers experience in their journey of interacting with the company.

A thorough understanding of the complete business landscape is a definite prerequisite for discovering insights that can enable businesses to compete more effectively in their markets. Scouting through the business landscape beyond the more obvious business dynamics often reveals insights that can provide the desired competitive edge for the business.

Unfortunately most market research and voice of customer (VOC) initiatives focus mostly on conventional elements of customer insight.

Journey mapping provides a view on all the intricacies that can be further explored in the pursuit towards business supremacy.

Customer Journey Management

Consulta has successfully integrated Customer Journey Mapping Methodology as an integral part of the VOC program. Designing a map of all the experiences of the customer provides a firm foundation for discovering deeper insights into the market.

Four points to consider to effective Customer Journey Management:

  • Firstly a Customer Journey Map must be designed and developed from the viewpoint of all role players in the journey.
  • A number of classical mistakes are often made in customer journey mapping design:
    • The customer journey map is approached from an internal process view point and not enough emphasis is placed on actual customer experience.
    • As a result many companies make themselves guilty of placing too much emphasis on the process components of the journey.
  • Careful assessment of customer journeys often reveal that there are several moments of significance (Moments of Truth) prior to the actual start of the journey – even before the client has an actual experience with the company.
  • For a journey map to be a complete blueprint of the customer experience design, it must focus not only on the visible or obvious experiences of the customer. Many secrets are hidden in the irrational side of the experience. This includes the subconscious and emotional dimensions of the experience.

Part 2: The Consulta Approach to Journey Mapping will follow soon. Keep an eye on your social media!