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Sanlam Reality the best Insurance loyalty programme – The SA-csi 2018 Insurance Loyalty Programme Benchmark

Sanlam Reality members were the most satisfied with their loyalty programme according to the 2018 SA-csi (South African Customer Satisfaction Index) for Insurance Loyalty Programmes Benchmark conducted by Consulta. The three largest loyalty programmes in die insurance was included in the study namely Discovery Vitality (for Insurance), Sanlam Reality and Momentum Multiply.

According to the survey, The SA-csi score for the Sanlam Reality programme was the highest at 71.9, compared to an industry average of 69.6. Discovery Vitality achieved a score of 70.6, which was in line with the average, while the Momentum Multiply score of 66.4 was below industry average.

“South African consumers are more informed and empowered through online channels, with many more loyalty programmes options available today than ever,” said SA-csi Founder & Chair, Professor Adré Schreuder. “A recent study showed that consumers, on average, participate in six or more loyalty programmes, and one third of them belong to more than 10 programmes.

“With approximately 70 active loyalty programmes available in South Africa, the best performing ones are those that offer a positive overall service level and make earning points and redemption as efficient as possible,” he adds.


The SA-csi for Insurance Loyalty Programmes of 2018 offers impartial insights into South African insurance loyalty programmes by measuring customers’ overall satisfaction. This satisfaction score is based on brands exceeding or falling short of customer expectations and the respondents’ idea of the ideal service to achieve an overall result out of 100. The Index also includes, among other measures, a Customer Expectations Index, a Perceived Quality Index and a Perceived Value Index. The sample included 1427 respondents who were randomly selected from three insurance reward programmes to participate in the survey.

According to the survey, Discovery Vitality members are the most loyal, with 68.3% of them willing to stick with the brand, compared to an industry score of 65.3%, which is indicative of the wider appeal of the broad based Discovery Vitality programme covering Insurance and Medical. In comparison, 65.9% of Sanlam Reality members and 61.6% of Momentum Multiply members are loyal.

Although Sanlam Reality clients are the most satisfied, they experienced the most problems with the service and the rewards programme had the highest complaint incidence, while Discovery Vitality had the lowest. The Momentum Multiply complaint incidence was just below average, but it had the best complaint handling of the three brands.


“Loyalty programmes face the daily challenge of making benefits simple, relevant and achievable in a reasonable time,” Prof Schreuder says. “The most effective programmes are those that encourage repeat engagement while collecting detailed customer behaviour data.

“The key is to ensure that channels are convenient and optimised to provide information and rewards via rewards partners that share the same values,” he adds.