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Technology Solutions

It's more than just software or hardware, our solutions are a combination of technologies to improve business operations.

Business challenges

Why do you need Technology Solutions?

If you struggle with any of the following, we have the perfect combination of solutions for you:

  • Can’t translate data into insights.
  • Research feedback's hard to make sense of, not available when you need it, not up to date and old by the time you get it.
  • Multiple surveys and research attempts/methods, but everything is disjointed and difficult to reconcile with each other.
  • You lack the tools that will enable you to gain a complete view into your customers and employees and the root causes of issues. As a result, you can’t react quickly to resolve customer issues, and negative trends escalate before they’re detected.
  • Unoptimised business processes and disjointed systems lead to uninformed business decisions.
  • You cannot find the systems you need to perform essential tasks of your business, whether web based or for mobile devices and you do not have in-house resources to manage Information Technology.

What can we offer?

Consulta Technology Solutions gives you the solution to the above problems in the form of various exciting products and services:

  • We integrate fully customised solutions that enable our clients to transfer data into insights.
  • Real-time dashboards enable clients to receive their research results in real-time.
  • Best-in-class mobile and social capabilities have been brought together to create a seamless experience no other insights firm in South Africa can compete with.
  • When you cannot find the systems you need to perform key tasks of your business, Technology Solutions can tailor make a customised software system to suit your needs with the use of most development platforms. Leveraging these platforms means we can rapidly develop applications for the web and mobile devices.

How do we do it?

These are the tools we use to make your lives so much easier:

  • Verint Enterprise Feedback Management
  • Clarabridge Text and sentiment analytics
  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • Software as a Service solution
  • Hosting of Application
  • Development Solutions