/ Customer Satisfaction

Understanding your customer’s level of satisfaction relies on a multi-dimensional view of the business.

Most organisations today want to be customer-centric. That’s why they focus on collecting accurate customer information at every point of interaction, in real-time to try to understand how their customers feel. Frequently the result is information overload.

But what do they do with this data? How do they extract strategic value from it?

Real-time, transactional metrics are primarily operational, and such information rarely provides the insights required to become truly customer-centric.

Consulta believes that to get actionable strategic insight businesses need unique customer metrics in place that are customised to the organisation's environment. The secret of our success lies in a holistic customer measurement structure where all the metrics feed into one another to provide insights that can be used for confident decision-making.

Here are just some of the resources and tools we employ. Together they make a very powerful tool kit.

  • SAcsi:

Aligned with the American Customer Satisfaction Index, SAcsi is an independent national benchmark of customer satisfaction of the quality of products and services available to household consumers in South Africa.

  • Technology Solutions:

Being able to effectively measure customer satisfaction requires that we harness technology to be able to serve your needs in understanding your customer’s experience from beginning to end.

  • TISSE:

The aim of The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE) is to enable organisations to focus their attention on the delivery of excellence in service quality


A prioritisation roadmap for the transformation of your organisation towards customer-centricity. It helps you to understand the gap between what you say about customer-centricity, and your customer’s actual experience.

  • Customer Experience Management:

Our CEM training helps your teams to implement Customer Experience Management principles effectively resulting in exceptional customer satisfaction, loyalty and a bunch of fans who can’t wait to sing your praises.

  • Mystery Shopping:

Traditional mystery shopping research has its problems. But Consulta has a better way allowing you to truly understand what your customers are experiencing.

Learn more about the world-leading SAcsi measure here.