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Transform My Business

So much of what we do in business follows conventional business wisdom. Nothing wrong with that if it leads to the results you are looking for, but Consulta has grown to realise that unless we challenge the conventional, we rarely find the real roots of the issues. Without challenging conventional wisdom, we limit our organisations to the conventional… and we want your business to be extra-ordinary.

That is why all our resources – teams, tools, solutions and models are designed to break through the common sense, without disregarding the value it adds, and asking the difficult questions – the “why” beyond the “why”, so we get to the real insights which are going to make a real impact on your business and give you the competitive edge.

Some of our Resources and Tools:

  • Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM):

EFM helps your organisation get a clear picture of what customers are truly saying across multiple media channels – web, phones, email, SMS and mobile. And gets the right information to the right people in the organisation.

  • Brand Fitness:

Consulta’s highly rated Brand Fitness model helps you understand whether your customers relate well to your brand or not, determining whether customers share your brand values, and advising on how to align your organisation with their values.

  • Conjoint:

A statistical analysis to determine the most important product attributes to your customers, the alignment of your current value proposition to their requirements and understanding of what they really prefer, across complex segments.

  • ROMI:

If you’re tired of spending money on marketing which never seems to go anywhere, then Consulta’s Return on Marketing Investment measure (ROMI) can give you a clear picture on the real return on investment of my marketing spend, including the impact of Customer Lifetime Investment.


Servqual can assess your company’s performance against that of competitors, finding the gaps between what customers expect and what they actually perceive and the links between how satisfied my customers are and their behavioural intentions.

  • SAcsi:

Aligned with the American Customer Satisfaction Index, SAcsi is an independent national benchmark of customer satisfaction of the quality of products and services available to household consumers in South Africa.



Better understanding and insight into key business metrics makes it easier to respond to challenges as they happen.


Consulta is not just able to measure all aspects of your business, but provides actionable insights which can lead to real transformation.


Consulta’s experienced team manages your project and ensures you get the benefits across your organisation.


Consulta’s portfolio of industry leading solutions ensure that you get the best tools and most meaningful insights to help your organisation change for the better.